about the show

Murder in the First is a television series starring Taye Diggs, Kathleen Robertson, Ian Anthony Dale, Raphael Sbarge, Lombardo Boyar. and Currie Graham. The show centers on a squad of homicide detectives in San Francisco.

The show ran for three seasons, focusing on a different main crime each season, with a couple supporting crimes running throughout. The show also peeked into the personal lives of the detectives, highlighting love interests and health scares.


Taye Diggs ... Terry English
Kathleen Robertson ... Hildy Mulligan
Ian Anthony Dale ... Jim Koto
Raphael Sbarge ... David Molk
Lombardo Boyar ... Edgar Navarro
Currie Graham ... Mario Siletti
Mimi Kirkland ... Louise Mulligan
Jamie McShane ... M.E. Justin Burnside
Camille Balsamo ... Kami Keefer